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Avortament, on som i on anem?

Seminar to celebrate the International Safe Abortion Day

28 September 2023

“Interrupció de la gestió del punt de vista del ginecolèg”

Silvia Arévalo, Cap Clinic d’Obstetricia (Medicina Fetal) del’Hospital Universitari de la Vall d’Hebron ( Barcelona

"Avortament. Estigma, hipocresia i elefants a l'habitació"

Sílvia Aldavert Garcia, Associació Drets Sexuals i Reproductius

5th WiS Symposium

On 9 February 2023 WIS celebrated five years of organising activities and acting as an equality watchdog on the campus. Several of the directors of institutions on the campus who signed the original letter of intentions in 2019 joined the event. The keynote talk by Dr Judith Juanhuix, Beamline Manager and Head of the Life Sciences Section at the ALBA Synchrotron as a highlight of the event. You can see the full programme here.

WiS publishes: Impact of COVID-19 lockdown in a biomedical research campus: A gender perspective analysis

WiS conducted a survey of research staff on the Can Ruti Campus at the height of the COVID-10 pandemic to test if gender differences existed in response. The resulting paper published in 2022 shows that female researchers experienced a decreased participation in career development activities, along with an increased participation in those tasks perceived as altruistic combined with greater stress associated to family care. The paper includes recommendations for policy changes to take into account work-life balance.

Seminar: Resistència a la pèrdua dels privilegis i violència institucional

On 24 November 2022 Beatriz Lorente & Laia Pratcorona, specialists in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and founders of the Commission for the Prevention of Obstetric Violence at the Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital, gave a talk on aspects of the erosion of women’s rights and sexist attitudes in healthcare for women.

4th WiS Symposium

The 4th edition of the Can Ruti Women in Science Working Group (WiS) was another great success. A record number of 147 people attended the mixed format event hosted from the IGTP and opened by the Minister for Research and Universities.

Dones i Ciència al sistema universitari i de recerca a Catalunya

24 de novembre del 2021
Dra. Anna Vergara Timoneda, Presidenta de la Comissió Dones i Ciència del Consell Interuniversitari de Catalunya (CIC) i Secretària General de la Universitat Ramon Llull

WiS Conference Observatory starts positive action

July 2021

In its third year of monitoring gender balance among organizers, speakers and chairs of scientific events on the campus the observatory reports its results to events organizers.

Third WIS Symposium

10 February 2021

Due to the global covid-19 pandemic the Can Ruti Working Group Women in Science (WiS) went online for its third symposium, Women in Science: gender perspective of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

See the video of the event here

Poster at EMBO-EMBL Conference

13-15 October 2020

Members of the WiS participated in the EMBO-EMBL HHMI Conference: Gender Roles and their Impact in Academia. As part of the LifeSciCop Community of Practice with in the ACTonGender Project the authors explained the activities of the LifeSciCop.

WiS enters ISCIII Competition

December 2019

The Can Ruti Working Group Women in Science (WiS) enters a competition by the major Spanish research funding body on Responsible Research and Innovation in the section for groups promoting scientific and institutional change en gender equality. One of our documents is a video in Spanish, produced by the IGTP on our behalf. We didn’t win, but we welcomed the opportunity to list our achievements.

WiS Brings about Two Changes on the Campus

November 2019

Thanks to the influence of the Can Ruti Working Group Women in Science (WiS) the organisers of the Talents Grants had named their first female mentor in 2019 and closed the awards event with a round table on Women in Science. Another positive action had been for the Can Ruti Campus Seminar Series to change their guidelines and aim for a minimum of 40% women speakers and hosts, achieving 50:50 for the 2020 programme. Commenting on these changes Dr Julia García-Prado, Research Group Leader at IrsiCaixa and the Scientific Director of the IGTP, reiterated the need for gender equality to be sought not in isolation, but in the context of the principals of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI).

A question of gender: is it important to include both sexes in experimental research?

6 February 2020

WiS presented a seminar on gender dimension in research by Prof Patri Vergara, Professor at the Veterinary Faculty of the UAB, member of the experimental Commission of the Government of Catalonia. The seminar dealt with cases and the data supporting the requirement to include the gender dimension in biomedical research as well as practical advice on how to plan experiments including the gender dimension.

Positive actions to empower Women in Science: the two sides of the coin

16 May 20219

The Working Group Women in Science organised the second activity for 2019. Professor Maria García-Parajo is an ICREA Research Professor and leader of the Single Molecule Biophotonics Group at the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO). She has played an important part in implementing their gender equality policy in a traditionally male stronghold

The Second Can Ruti Campus Symposium on Integrating the Gender Perspective in Biomedical Research

10 February 2020

One of the last events before the 2020 covid-19 pandemic stopped scientific activities on our campus was the second Can Ruti Women in Science Working Group Symposium. The Minister of Health for the Government of Catalonia, the Honourable Ms Alba Vergés i Bosch gave the inaugural speech and highlighted the fact that the promotion and reinforcement of gender equality in biomedical research was an important objective for the government.

The session was attended by over 120 people and again involved discussions in round table and participation sessions.
See the programme here.

Signing of the Can Ruti Campus Letter of Intentions

11 February 2019

During the first Can Ruti Women in Science Symposium the directors of the institutions on the campus signed a letter of intentions based on the United Nations Sustainable Goals.  All he directors attended in person, or by video message and signed the document. See the signed document here.

First WiS Symposium

11 February 2019

The Can Ruti Women In Science Working Group (WiS) organises the first WiS Symposium with the presence of directors from institutions on the campus. The Sala Polivalent at the the IGTP was full and those attending participated in lively debates.
See the programme here

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