Former members of Women for Equity in Science

Melisa Gualdrón-López

Melisa Gualdrón-López, PhD is a molecular parasitologist working asa postdoctoral researcher in the PVREX group at the IGTP.

Melisa has specialized in the study of Trypanosomatid parasites responsible for various diseases. Recently she has focused on host-parasite interactions mediated by extracellular vesicles in Plasmodium vivax malaria. In 2020,she joined the WiS to add her grain of sand to improve gender equality in science.

Melisa is currently at McGill University as an Assistant Professor.

Marta Monguió-Tortajada, PhD

Marta Monguió-Tortajada, PhD (she/her) is a post-doctoral researcher of the Heart Failure and Cardiac Regeneration (ICREC) group of the Cardiology Service at HUGTiP-IGTP.

Marta completed her PhD at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the IVECAT group, IGTP in 2018. While in the ICREC group she was exploring the therapeutic potential of extracellular vesicles in tissue repair after myocardial infarction. She is a founding member of the WiS working group at Can Ruti.

Marta is currently at the University of Lausanne.

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